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Straightforward M4A audio conversion tool with tag editing capabilities
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With a better compression ratio, a higher audio quality, and a lower resource consumption than MP3, MP4 audio files are becoming one of the most widely used standards. To M4A Converter encodes your MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg, FLAC, and AIFF files into M4A and allows you to edit their most relevant tags in one single operation.

This one-window free utility has been clearly designed with the objective of being useful and suitable for all users interested in M4A audio. Its support for batch conversion allows you to select as many files as required in any of the formats supported. Limited to lossy M4A files only at the output side, the only customization allowed refers to the audio bit rate. The range goes from 96 to 192 Kbps, with 128 and 160 as the only two other options. The selected bit rate will be applied to all the files on the conversion list, which will force you to set up a different encoding process if you wish to apply a different bit rate to a specific set of files.

To M4A Converter comes with its own audio player, which will come in handy to fine-tune your track selection. Once converted, you can also listen to the resulting M4A files without leaving this tool, as you have the possibility of choosing between the source file and the encoded one whenever you select a file for playback. Nearly half the program’s interface has been reserved for the tag editor. Only the title, artist, album, track number, year of publication, genre, and the comment will be displayed whenever you select one audio file from the list, regardless of any other tag present in the source file (such as the cover). You can fill in any empty tag and modify or delete existing ones. These tags, and whatever modifications you make to them, will be embedded into the output files, while leaving the original tags untouched.

The encoding process is fairly fast, and it produces the expected results. The fact that this is a free tool compensates for its barebones functionality – a limited number of tags, limited bit rate options, and a support for output formats that’s limited to MP4 audio files surely limit the number of users that may ever be interested in this tool. That is the price that one-purpose tools have to pay.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Built-in audio player
  • Supports all popular formats at the input side
  • Fast conversion process
  • Tag editing
  • Batch conversion


  • Limited tag support
  • Converts to lossy M4A only
  • The selected bit rate is applied to all files
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